Testimonial Stories

Patient stories highlight the life changing aspects to our work.

The Center for Ocular Prosthetics, LLC has helped so many people over numberous years. Our patients and their loved ones speak for the quality of our work, and the care and attention they receive with these incredible stories.


"I have not had a lot of great experiences with Ocularists since I lost my eye twenty years ago. I was very bitterly disappointed when the first one, which was made by another Ocularist in the area, did not even match the color of my other eye! When I pointed it out to him, he didn't apologize or make any attempt to change it. When my husband also made mention of it, he was told, 'You're just too critical, most family members are.' I wore that eye for about five years and was always ashamed of the way it looked.

The second and third eyes were made by the same people, much to my chagrin. This was not my choice. It was the insurance company's. I could not afford the cost of the eye out of my own pocket, so had to rely on the insurance to pick it up. Again it was not great, a bit better on the color matching, but not a lot of extra effort made to fit to the socket which is a big problem for me. I accepted it , but not happily. I never felt like anyone truly cared how it looked, and since they are in the business of making others believe that your eye is not plastic, they should have.

This year, I was finally able to choose someone else. My old Primary Care Doctor had left along with her whole medical group. I had heard of you, so decided to ally myself with a new doctor who is contracted through the insurance company. I even asked if they refer to you when I called to find out if my doctor was accepting new patients. I was very pleased when I got that referral from my doctor!

We have what I feel to be a great rapport. I felt like you really care about your work and are always striving to do the best job possible. It is particularly gratifying that you attempted to assist with the socket problems that I have had for my entire life. The other provider didn't do much about it and just kept making heavier prostheses. You took the time to try something a little different. I really appreciated that.

When the prosthesis was finished, I was delighted to find the match to be the best I have ever had! The fit is quite good, and I am extremely pleased with the whole experience. What a difference making the change to another provider has made!

I will certainly be back when I need a new eye. Also, I would not hesitate to recommend my friends or family come to you if they are in need of this service. It is hard for most people to understand how much this can impact your life, but it truly does. For me, it has made a huge difference.

I will certainly lobby with my insurance company to allow more diversity in ancillary providers because of this experience. I realize they treat eyes as a piece of medical equipment, but this piece sits in your face for the whole world to see. It then becomes a very personal and emotional issue. When the insurance companies finally understand that sometimes how a patient feels about the product is more important than the cost, it will be a great victory for us all!

Thanks again, Fred, for the fine job you did for me, and for everyone else that you have helped!"



"'I am so thankful to God,' the 24-year-old native of Mexico said through an interpreter. After living most of his life with a disfigured eye, Izquierdo finally feels good about himself. 'I'm so happy now,' said Izquierdo... As he talks, looking his guests straight in the eye, it is hard to tell that one of his deep brown eye is artificial.

Izquierdo used to be angry about his disfiguring eye injury and ashamed by the way he looked. He couldn't keep a job for more than a few months. 'He was kind of resentful and defensive. He didn't look at anyone,' said Heidi Searle, who... teaches for the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, became Izquierdo's interpreter and helped him find medical care. 'I just knew things could be better for him,' she said.

Izquierdo's injury occurred when he was just 9 years old...He evidently had some dirt kicked in his eye while playing on the playground. His eye was irritated. He was given a home remedy.

The treatment, unfortunately, caused him to lose sight in that eye. He developed glaucoma, which damaged his optic nerves....'It turned the entire front of his eye white,' said Dr. Scott, a doctor who cared for Izquierdo....'It was a very caustic agent they poured in his eye to try to help,' Dr. Stevens said.

The injury hurt his self-esteem...He was teased a lot. People stared at him. He has three young children back in Mexico, and they would poke at the injured eye and ask why there was nothing there.

It got so bad that he left his wife and children in Mexico and moved to Madras to live with his sisters, in hopes of getting treatment in the United States. He never dreamed, though, that he would be given a new eye.

Izquierdo rejected the (corneal) transplant...Stevens removed the eye in hopes of getting Izquierdo a prosthesis.

Stevens arranged for Fredric Harwin of the Center for Ocular prosthetics to do the procedure. Harwin agreed to reduce his fees for this case.

Harwin carefully painted the prosthetic to match Izquierdo's left eye. The brown pupil on the eye looks real.

Two months after receiving his new eye, Izquierdo has a new perspective on life. He is working full time at McPheeter's Turf in Culver, and he finds it easier to make friends. He gets invited to more parties, he said.

His sister, Maria joked that her brother is starting to go out a little too much now.

He enjoys his new life in Madras, but Izquierdo will return to Mexico for his family after he saves some money."