Testimonial Quotes

Quotes from our patients and their loves ones highlight the experience we aim to provide.

Our Patients and Their Loved Ones Kind Words

"Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on Frank's ocular prosthesis. Not only did you do a beautiful job, but you made what could have been an anxiety-filled experience very pleasant and relaxed. We feel very lucky to have been referred to you. You truly have a gift".

Frank & Rhonda

"(Paul) is doing VERY well with his eye. Hasn't referred to it as his 'Walt' or 'fake' eye. Says the discomfort is zero as compared to his previous one... and less to zero tearing. Thanks"


"Thank-you for the superb work on my eye. It definitely has a twinkle and aliveness. My dolphin is perfectly lovely. I appreciate your magnificent ability, and enjoyed so much spending quality time with you. My eye is a true work of art!"


"I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and considerate towards me, your patent. My new eye is wonderful and has greatly increased my confidence. I thank God for you and the work that you do."


"Every time I look in the mirror, I silently say thank you - you're just the best and I love my eye!! P.S. I even got a date!"


"Getting my prosthesis was a very pleasant experience. Thanks for the safe and excellent workmanship".


"Putting aside the stressful sad experience of John having to have his left eye extracted, the next procedure of having a prosthesis skillfully made, was a beautiful and interesting time in both of our lives. We thank you so much for your expertise, talent and for caring."


"Just a note to let you know Bob is doing extremely well with his prosthesis. It is so comfortable he forgets he has it in. We are so pleased with the results. You and your staff made the entire experience pleasurable and we expected it to be a somewhat grueling and unpleasant experience, we must admit. Thanks for being such nice people."

Bob & Lee

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! You really made life worthwhile again. Everyone thinks it's truly beautiful and my son who lives here was delighted. Said I'm 'pretty' again and that means so very much. I can't wait for my four other sons to see me. You are a blessing to all who come your way."


"I'm so grateful to you for the improved quality of life that has resulted from removing a very sad sick eye and having the gift of your skills in its place."


"Thank you for sharing with me your artistic skills and your positive attitude. Since my accident and the injury to my left eye on October 10th I have been very depressed about the loss of my eye and you have given me encouragement for better days ahead. I have greatly appreciated your kindly manner when working with me."


"Just a note to thank you for getting Michael out and on our way home early. He is doing fine with his new eye and every one who sees him says it looks great."

Michael & Betty

"It's really wonderful what you do ... everyone is in disbelief if they are told what happened. They cannot believe it's a prosthesis. What a wonderful gift you are involved in for so many people."


"How does on say thank you when 'thank-you' doesn't sound like enough? Your gift of the acrylic eye prosthesis to Victoria was so generous that I find it difficult to find the words to express our appreciation. The full impact of your gift probably will not be recognized by Victoria for many years. Maybe she never will be aware of so much generosity but we all know and we are grateful for the 'kind hearts and golden hands' in this world. I am overwhelmed and I must say simply that you have our heartfelt thanks."

Margaret & Steve

"We are so happy with the results of this procedure and how it has booted (Cory's) morale... we want to thank you for the great change you have made in Cory's looks. It truly is amazing. He is so pleased as are all of his family."


"Thank-you for a beautiful job on Frank's eye. He says it is comfortable and it's a pleasure to 'look at him' for me, and others."

Frank & Winifred

"Thank-you again for your help with Juan. I truly appreciate your doing an outstanding job in creating the prosthesis for him."