Testimonial Letters

Personal letters highlight the life changing aspects to our work.

The Center for Ocular Prosthetics, LLC patients and their loved ones speak for the quality of our work, and the care and attention they receive with these incredible testimonial letters.

Dear Fred,

Most often, people never know the impact they've made on the lives of others, but I wanted you to know how visiting your office made a difference to my mother, Barbara, my sister, and me.

Because my mother was ashamed of having lost an eye, she never told any of her children about it. We each found out in different ways, and most of the discoveries fall into the melodramatic category. Once we did find out, we were instructed never to tell anyone, and especially not to ever look at her prosthesis. And as is often the case, we children assumed the shame my mother felt over her situation.

And that's how it went, even after we entered adulthood. Every 10 years or so, Mom would mention she needed a new eye or one of us would suggest that she might want one. And she'd shuttle off to have a new eye made. We'd spend an appropriate 10, maybe even 15, seconds admiring her new acquisition, and that would be that until the next 10 years rolled around.

You, however, changed all that. Despite my best efforts to remain in the waiting room, you invited me back to participate in the process. (What could I do since my mother and sister were already there?) You answered all our questions, even to the point of taking my mother's new prosthesis from its socket and placing it next to the former one for comparison and explanation. Please know that was the first time either my sister or I had ever seen her without her prosthesis in place. When you reached up to remove her prosthesis, my sister and I exchanged quick and horrified "I can't believe this is happening" glances. But you directed the proceedings so confidently and authoritatively that we had no other choice but to believe that this was how all people spent their Thursday afternoons.

The way you treated my mother, the rose you painted on the new prosthesis, and the champagne were all endearing, humanistic touches that transformed the "glass eye" into a piece of jewelry or accessory to celebrate my mother's beauty. On the way home, the three of us discussed the process, what a caring individual you are, and how the entire experience was the most positive one she has ever had.

We still don't know the story of how she actually lost her eye. She has several versions of the story that don't really jibe, but it probably doesn't matter. Better to focus on the present, her greater confidence in her appearance, and the fact that she's formed a relationship with an ocularist that she - and her family - trust. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."


On behalf of Erik, his family, friends, teachers and all those touched by his warm smile, and now, thanks to your handiwork, his beautiful eyes, we would like to thank you for your kindness in making Erik's new prosthetic eye a reality. This project has involved the dedication, generosity and compassion of many people.

In spite of the language barrier, your warmth and caring attitude toward Erik made him feel that everything would turn out well; the smile on his face and his mother's phone call thanking me for such a beautiful eye upon his return home were testimonies to your art.

Thanks to this experience, the prospect of getting his next prosthetic as he grows in the years ahead is not a frightening one to Erik, and he will never forget your gentle and caring help in creating this one."


Dave is doing so well with his ocular shell. He has learned quickly how to put it in and take it out, and was delighted to find that it serves him very well when he is riding his bike. His blind eye actually seems to dry out less with the shell. He continues, of course, to wear protective glasses. But this is a big deal to us, as Dave rides thousands of miles each year.

If anything, the only problem he seems to be having is that he can't seem to stick to the gradual use schedule you suggested. He says his eye actually feels better with the shell in, and he's already wearing it six plus hours per day. If this is a bad thing you had better call us.

Dave says that sometimes he just totally forgets he has a prosthesis, until someone says, "Gee, you look good. What did you do, shave or something?"


I have a hard time believing how well this eyeball works! When Sam and I left your office, we went out to dinner with our son, who was down from Tacoma, so I wore it about four hours. The next day, on the drive home, about five hours.

I am now wearing it most all day, and it feels great! In fact, my eye really feels better with the shell in place. It has worked very well on the bike, also - I get less wind-induced dryness.

I feel so much better about talking with people one-to-one. I was always aware of my eye, and I am now, but with a good feeling. Like some things in life, my only regret is I didn't find out about you sooner.

Thank you so much.

I just can't figure out, though, that since it looks so good, why can't I see out of it? (ha ha).


We thought maybe you would like a copy of the "before and after" pictures I took while there. He is doing so good. We enjoyed being there with you - everyone is so friendly and helpful! What a wonderful piece of art! He is so proud of it. Looking forward to seeing you in February!

Doug and Fran


I just wanted to say I think you are a gift from God to me. You have changed the way I look and feel about myself. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Shawna

Thank you for the reminder about my 6 week checkup. I can't possibly be there but I want you to know my new "eye" is just great. One thing in particular is that because you made the pupil larger - it-the eye itself-is so much less noticeable-I have had no problems at all so far this -once again the two words, thank you cannot express how much it means to me.

Stay happy.