Harwin's Atelier

A unique educational opportunity for the ocular professional

Painting Technique & Color Enhancement

Improve your painting technique, enhance your color sense, and gain access to exclusive pigments with a workshop known as "Harwin's Atelier".

Widely known as a pioneer in the field of ocular artistry, the Center for Ocular Prosthetics President, Fred Harwin has created a one of a kind experience - a private, weeklong individualized tutorial focused on painting technique and color sense. This course is being developed through our partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is geared towards ocularist apprentices, associates and practicing ocularists.

The course will cover every aspect of applying color to a custom ocular prosthesis. Difficult areas such as the limbus and arcus senilis will be emphasized. Variations in the pupillary margin, including the creation of the illusion of a dilating pupil will be demonstrated and practiced.

As part of the workshop, all participants will have access to a special palette called Ocu Chroma paints. These are a set of pigments designed in partnership with Robert Gamblin, President and Founder of Gamblin Artists Color. For more information, see the Ocu-Chroma paints.